Toyota Wheelchair Vans

The Toyota Sienna is known for its reliability and comfort, and it’s one of the most popular minivans on the market today. The Toyota wheelchair van comes with lots of extra touches for your convenience and comfort, and it drives smoothly.

Toyota Sienna wheelchair van owners may modify the vehicles to serve as either side entry or rear entry wheelchair vans.  You will see both options around, but side entry models significantly outnumber rear entry models.

The Toyota Sienna has become one of the most popular wheelchair van options since its redesign in 2004.  That’s when Toyota decided to improve and update the vehicle.  Since that time, they’ve made only incremental improvements to what turned out to be an excellent design.

The Sienna is popular among wheelchair van drivers for a number of reasons.

  • The Van offers the kind of spacious interior that lends itself to wheelchair van conversion.
  • The Sienna is well known for its overall longevity and reliability.
  • A number of top conversion manufacturers have been working with the Sienna since 2005 and are capable of transforming it into a fully functional and highly accessible vehicle.