Toyota Motor Sales USA and VMI Agree to Offer Wheelchair Accessible Sienna Minivans to Physically Challenged

PHOENIX, Sep 12, 2012 — Executives with Toyota Motor Sales, USA and Vantage Mobility International (VMI), a leader in the manufacture and distribution of wheelchair accessible vehicles, have signed an agreement authorizing VMI… Continue reading

Different Wheelchair Lifts From Automotive Innovations

Automotive Innovations offers a number of different wheelchair lifts. All of them are manufactured by a company called Vantage Mobility International, and they come from VMI’s “Ricon” line of products. The intent with… Continue reading

The Many Options in Modern Handicap Vans

It is amazing to see just how many consumers look at modern handicap vans as big and difficult to maneuver vehicles. While that is a relatively accurate image of the very old-fashioned handicap… Continue reading

Accessories in Addition to Wheelchair Lifts

You are considering the purchase of a wheelchair accessible van and you are a bit overwhelmed by the many features and choices. What do you do now? You start by making a brief… Continue reading

Tips for Selecting Your Wheelchair Accessible Van

How do you begin to make the choice of a wheelchair accessible van when there are so many manufacturers, options and styles? After all, you can go for the classic minivan that doesn’t look modified… Continue reading


The VA has approved an increase to the one-time vehicle grant (4502) from $11,000 to $18,000 allowing disabled veterans in need of a handicap accessible van greater purchasing power. Any disabled veteran who… Continue reading

Am I ready for a wheelchair van

Am I ready for a wheelchair van? “I’m Not Ready…” People offer many reasons for staying away from modified vans: “What I drive is a reflection of my personality. A seven foot high… Continue reading

Buying a Wheelchair Accessible Van in Massachusetts

When you’re buying a wheelchair accessible van in Massachusetts, there are a number of reasons to choose Automotive Innovations to do business with. First of all, when you’re making such an important, potentially… Continue reading

Automotive Innovations Recognized for Exceptional Customer Satisfaction

Automotive Innovations of Bridgewater, MA Recognized for Exceptional Customer Satisfaction Automotive Innovations Bridgewater, MA has been awarded the coveted Customer 1st Award Automotive Innovations Bridgewater MA, the best provider of wheelchair vans in… Continue reading

What Are Handicap Vans and How Do They Work?

It’s fairly obvious what handicap vans are, but how are they assembled and what specific convenience do they provide to disabled users?  For starters, understand that traditionally speaking, there is no such thing as a… Continue reading