Dodge Wheelchair Vans

About Dodge
Dodge has re-branded itself over the course of the last few years. They’ve gone from building a reputation as a “something for everyone” automaker to a producer of high-performance, high-capacity trucks and passenger cars with a “muscular” edge.
Even with that change in focus, Dodge continues to produce its Caravan and Grand Caravan minivan. It also produces a compelling full-sized van, the Dodge Sprinter. These vehicles are often converted to serve as wheelchair accessible vans.

Why does Dodge Make Wheelchair accessible Vans?
The truth is Dodge doesn’t make wheelchair accessible vans – The term “wheelchair accessible vans” refers to any vehicle that can be customized for use by a person utilizing a wheelchair. – They make multiple vehicles that are easily converted into Dodge wheelchair vans by professionals who specialize in these modifications such as VMI or Braun.

Dodge continues to produce these popular wheelchair van options because they’ve been well received in the marketplace. Research suggests continued increases in demand for accessible vehicles, which means we’ll probably be seeing Dodge wheelchair vans for years to come.

Van to Wheelchair Van
In order to make a wheelchair van accessible, after market conversions are usually required. Conversion professionals adjust vehicle height by raising roofs and lowering floors. Adjustments to door height may also be necessary. Turning a “stock” vehicle into a wheelchair accessible van will usually involve installation of a ramp or lift and may include a number of other customizations, as well.

Dodge Wheelchair Vans
Dodge produces two different models that have tremendous popularity in the world of wheelchair van conversion: The Caravan/Grand Caravan minivan and the Sprinter full-sized van. That makes Dodge one of the few manufacturers that offer both minivan and full-sized options that have achieved high levels of popularity within the wheelchair conversion world.