Tomorrow is the New York Wounded Vet Run

Tomorrow Is The Greater Boston Stand Down Event!

HighTower: Side Mounted Docking Station

From B&D Independence, the leader and most trusted name in transfer seating for decades, comes a revolutionary new system. Designed to significantly increase your ground clearance, Hightower gives you the freedom and enhanced… Continue reading

Caregiver Fatigue Syndrome

Caregiver stress, aka Caregiver Fatigue Syndrome or Caregiver Burnout, is the byproduct of the countless responsibilities, physical demands, strained time and rollercoaster circumstances that come with the turf. And, since many caregivers consistently… Continue reading

Easy Ways to Adapt Sports for Kids with Disabilities

Step up to the plate, take the game-winning shot, leap across the finish line – the thrill of sports is nearly impossible to compare or match to that of another activity. For kids… Continue reading

August is National Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness Month

Since 1996, Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness Month has worked to increase awareness of this condition, hoping that a boost in the public’s knowledge about SMA will improve resources for research and provide better… Continue reading

Ways To Adjust A Home For Someone With A DisAbility

There are many different types of disAbilities, therefore, when making changes to a home to accommodate someone with a disAbility, you first need to consider the individual’s specific needs, then the dimensions to… Continue reading

The Benefits of Owning a Wheelchair Van

Even though wheelchair-accessible minivans can offer greater independence, many wheelchair users are afraid to switch from their car to a mobility vehicle. For some, a car is more fun and the idea of… Continue reading

Adaptive Equipment for Those with Partial Disabilities

Some individuals with partial disabilities say they do not have a need for a fully wheelchair accessible van or truck and state they only need a bit of extra help. For those able… Continue reading

Ice Bucket Challenge: Raising Money and Awareness for ALS

Perhaps you’ve seen it online, on your Facebook feed, or across popular morning shows in recent days – the ice bucket challenge! Individuals are taking to media, volunteering to have buckets of ice… Continue reading